I'm an electric guitarist not a bass.. but I play bass here and there, but don't know too much about it so my question is how do you get this kind of grungey like sound.. like this:
at like exactly 21 seconds into the video it plays..
loads of bands have this kind of sound.. just used this video since you can hear it clearly on that part
but yeahh, how do you get the bass to sound like that?
Um well he's using a pick, and hitting the strings pretty hard. But since I hate bassists who use picks I form a V shape on my amp's equalizer (so that there is powerful bass but the high tones give it a little harsher tone). In other words raise the low and the high on your EQ and keep the mid at a neutral level.
yeah, since I'm a guitarist I usually use a pick..
I figured the highs might kind of make up the sound. sounds like it.
and the hard hitting.
but de-tuning?
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If you use a bass with a bridge humbucker and a pick, you should get a very close approximation of that sound. However, that's what you'll need. You can't really get that tone otherwise.

Oh, and don't forget to turn down your volume so you're barely heard
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m'kay.. I kind of already had that sound..
just hadn't played bass in so long didn't realize
but yeah thanks for advice, made it sound closerr
thanks everyone
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Sounds like the Fliptop model on a Line 6 Pod with a really thin EQ setting to me.

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Sounds like Korn bassist sound and i doesnt use a pick. He has a strange style of playing he hits his strings (and not like slapping) But hitting hard is key here yes
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You can get it on a tube amp by driving your gain up... tubes start to break up a little. Dont go too high though or youll overload the preamp portion.
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Cut your mids and boost your highs and your lows a bit. Play with a pick near the bridge I reckon. But I think his Musicman is a really big part of his tone- you can't get the musicman tone without buying a Musicman I'm afraid.
musciman pickup is a big part
also bosting the high mids a bit
and a pick can also help
also detunnig for that low end, even if you play in standard tunning
and heavier strings
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m'kay I think I got as close as I can get, not quite like his but I got it to sound more like this one band.. to due some stuff there is samples of their songs and I could just listen to the bass track and they had the same kind of thing going on, got it to sound pretty close.

so yeah thanks everybody