Alright heres the deal. I use to play a lot of classic rock and metal (Ac/Dc, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Metallica, Maiden, etc) but within the past year or so I've gotten into a lot of hardcore, metalcore, and the more modern metal stuff like children of bodom.

I'm playing through an Ashdown Fallen Angel DSP60 all tube head and an Ashdown cab. The amp has enough bite for the old rock and metal stuff but comes up short when I want to play modern stuff.

My guitar has stock Epi alnico v humbuckers in it. Would I be able to get enough gain by switching to active pickups (I'm looking at seymour duncan blackouts) or would I be better off getting something along the lines of a Maxon OD808 to add more gain?
blackouts have extreme power, but i'd get a distortion pedal so you dont sacrifice your cleans. try a boss turbo distortion or a maybe a digitech metal master. plus those are cheeper than new pickups and can be switched off whenever you want
blackouts but not emgs there leave you with no tone, the blackouts might help quite abit
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epi pickups generally aren't amazing, so i'd be inclined to switch the pickups. though that's more based on quality rather than increasing the gain....
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blackouts but not emgs there leave you with no tone, the blackouts might help quite abit

Yea I've played some guitars with EMGs in them and I wasnt impressed at all. I really dont see what the big deal with them is because they sound horrible