like the title says i want to find out what is UGs favorite song they've learned of guitar. mine is paranoid by Ozzy
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I love playing Hotel California. One of the most enjoyable 6 minutes and a half of instrument play.
i dont have a favourite one ive learned, but i do really enjoy playing the by the way improvisation by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from live in hyde park. realy nice chord progression and solo
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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Also, probably

Serenity Painted Death - Opeth
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I like either Totalimmortal, or A Single Second, both by AFI.

riff raff-ac/dc
walk all over you-ac/dc
shine-collective soul
sweet emotion-aerosmith
sweet child o mine-guns n roses
war pigs-black sabbath
hey you-the exies
purple haze-jimi hendrix
rock and roll all night-kiss
crazy train-ozzy osbourne
Crystal Mountain and Spirit Crusher by Death are fun to play.
i love playing Lashed To The Slave Stick by Nile as well.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
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Little Wing - Hendrix

Same here... But I have to say that I haven't been able to play the whold damn song yet
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Same here... But I have to say that I haven't been able to play the whold damn song yet

It was pretty tough for me too (****in little riffs, all coming together in an epic harmony *grr*) but once you get it, it just gets easier and more fun to play.
probably unholy confessions by avenged sevenfold

its not the hardest song i can play but its definitely my fave song
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tie between "naked as we came" by iron & wine and "entombment of a machine" by job for a cowboy
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evanescence -- going under
stricken -- disturbed
johnny B good -- chuck berry (i play the elvis version)
they call me the breeze -- lynerd skynerd
crazy train -- ozzy osbourne
not my time -- three doors down

i have never seen their name speeled that wrong

it's lynyrd skynyrd
Know Your Enemy - Rage Against the Machine.

Not hard to play at all until you get to the fast part of solo

But it was my fav ratm song for quite a while a couple of months ago.
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Probably Eruption or Stairway to Heaven. I'm still learning Stairway to Heaven, but all I gotta do next is the solo =D
I Have Three

Pantera - Walk

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Archives Of Pain - Manic Street Preachers
Hunting For Witches - Bloc Party
Titanium Expose - Sonic Youth
Zero - Smashing Pumpkins
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For partially played, Crazy Train.

I can do pretty much everything up until the tapping part.
The darkness - believe in a thing called love (a bit gay but some spandex fun !)

Satriani - always with me always with you

gary moore - empty rooms
Crazy Train because the solo is so GOD DAMN fun.
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Custard Pie- Led Zeppelin, Working Man- Rush (still working solos 2 and 3), and Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
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Hotel California- the solo is jus fun to play
Another Brick in the Wall(you know which one)- it has a jazzy feeling to it and the solo has helped me with my bends ALOT
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Conquer all - Behemoth

Great choice! Those first few riffs are so simple, yet so incredibly brutal and epic.

My favorite would have to be "Failure in the Flesh" by Through The Eyes of the Dead. It's not something I intended to play as much as I do, but as soon as I learned it I just couldn't go a day without playing at least a riff or two from it.
Paint It Black
Sunshine of your Love
Purple Haze
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Voodoo Chile and Little Wing

Freedom by RATM

good songs
I have nothing unique or funny to put here.