Lately i've just been leaning my guitar up agains things like my wall, amp, etc.
I want to get either a hanger or a stand, but which one's better. I sort of want the hanger, but what if it falls? What are the differences between the two?

with a hanger, it can fall off the wall if you suck at diy.

with a floor stand, the stand can be knocked over.

it really depends. i use a multi-floor stand because i don't really have any walls which don't have blaring sun shining on them all day, and also i suck at diy.

EDIT: wall hanger is probably better if you're good at diy and have a suitable wall.
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i guess hanger, b/c i can probably get my dad to do it, we have a stud finder, and those little screws that when you screw them in, they open behind the wall like wings, to hold it in.
my dad's really good at diy, i'm okay.

EDIT: i've got walls with no sunlight, too.

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a hanger can save space in your room but you always want to take a stand with you to gigs or even just jamming with friends. hangers look cool though
stand is cheaper and far easier, but a wall hanger is cool.
go for a stand
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Hangars bug me because I don't like throwing that much weight onto the headstock of my guitar, I don't actually know if it does anything. But I just prefer to have the leaning stands.

Oh well, probably just some stupid superstition - it's just your preference. Make sure you screw the wall hanger into a stud in the wall!
i'm kind of worried about the weight thing on the headstock, too...idk. i guess a hanger sounds pretty good right now though.

and to cerveza, i've seen hangers cheaper than stands.

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I would recommend stand, myself. Hangers just seem too precarious to me, they make me nervous (that's just personal preference, though). But seriously, if you put the stand in a corner it's not that likely to get knocked over, especially if you keep it in your room/out of high traffic areas.
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