Its ibanes RG..

Why is a cable soldered into it. I am gonna install a floyd rose myself but dont know if I should remove and install the part that came with the floyd, or reuse that part.
it's a grounding wire, you'll have excess noise if it's not attached.
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I have left the posts that came with the edge III, and that parts in there. IN other words I just changed the bridge and the springs. Will I lose any advatages of the floyd by doing that?
The spring claw is going to serve the same purpose for both the OFR and the EdgeIII, so no it won't cause any problems to keep it.

If the spring claw is vastly different with the OFR, you can swap them, but you will need to resolder than wire to the new claw.
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Thanks guys. Im keeping the wire then. By the way is removing the Edge III studs gonna give any performance difference, or should I just save time and leave the same studs

I tried and it works without any routing or modifications if using the same studs