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Buy a guitar
3 23%
make a guitar
3 23%
custom shop guitar
7 54%
Voters: 13.
Question, which would be better:
A) Buy a guitar mod the hell outta it
B) Make a guitar youself
C) Get a dealer to make you a guitar built to your specs

Im debating which to do...

How much would a custom guitar from Schecter cost? after the reductions like the total price, ive heard about 3000$ but then people say its about a 1/3 or it or something, like start to finish how much would it cost me?

I could buy a guitar and just like do a few things to it

or i make a guitar myself and do everything,

which you you say i do?
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Why go Schecter? Just get a luthier to do it or an actual custom shop like Ran.
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If you have the time and the tools/materials, do it yourself
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If you have the time and the tools/materials, do it yourself

and the skills
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ranguitars.com is making me a completely custom shape for a end price of around $3875 but its a great price considering dollars poor value compared to the euro.
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