Hey guys thanks for checking the thread out. Like the title says I'm after a somewhat decent bass amp for gigging with. I did order an Ashdown from Sound Control but they will not be able to get it in stock for a considerable time, which means until them I am stick with my old Crate BT-15 practice amp.

I know its a long shot but I'm hoping someone out there is selling off part of their old rig. I'm preferably looking for a head and cab, but I am open to the idea of a combo amp, as long as it has a big enough wattage for what I'm going to need.

Get back to me guys!

-Cheers, Toby!
Nah thanks man, heard terrible things about Behringer and I've never liked any I've tried out. Thanks though.

Also, I'm more likely to accept offers from someone in Northern England. I'm located in Manchester so that's an idea for how far you may be and help with postage etc.