I got bored today and was looking at some LTD's on musicians friend and something caught my eye...Why the hell would anyone pay an extra 500 dollars for an ESP standard when you can get the same if not better guitar in a LTD deluxe?...Just for kicks I compare the ESP Eclipse II(standard series) and the LTD EC-1000(deluxe series)...they are exactly the same except the LTD, yes the LTD, had a better finish, more abalone binding and 2 extra frets...is there something I'm missing here or does it seem like a complete waste for someone to pay the extra money for an ESP?
there is better quality put into the ESP. Such as looking at a Gibson Sg Standard, and a Epiphone G-400, they both have the same materials (except pups) but it's the overall craftsman ship of it. (btw, the Gibson is still alittle op)
LTD is made in Korea ESP is made in either Japan or USA but mostly Japan

edit: IOW much better craftsmanship, quality control, quality of materials etc.
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I see...didn't think about where they were made and stuff like that, but LTDs have to be the best "little brother" guitars...they are much closer to the actual ESPs than Epi is to Gibson or Squier to Fender
high end epiphone les pauls are alot better then cheaper gibsons...but the only bad LTD's are the lower end (below the 400 series)
When I bought my EC-1000 I was debating whether to get the Eclipse or it as well. The Eclipse actually has a maple top, whereas the EC-1000 has a maple veneer top. The Eclipse is also made out of better wood and the craftsmen ship is better. However, for $500 more, the slight difference in sound and playability wasn't worth it to me.
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