I'm starting up WoW again and I was just wondering if any of you guys still played. I used to play a year ago but stopped when I got bored. A couple of my buddies at school are getting me back into it. So, anybody still like it.

And please no, "Don't start! ITS ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!" I have control, its just a video game and I know this.
I used to play it. I was REALLY addicted to it. But my friend told me about private servers so I went on them. I usually go on retail now and then. Forget what other people think. Just play it


The only reason I don't play as much as I did is 'cuz levling really p**ed me off
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Lineage is better, though i don't play it anymore...
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Well there is a lot more ****...my bro's still addicted even though hes done like everything
I was thinking of starting to play again
"Is it really a good idea?" is what i think to myself
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I used to play it. I don't anymore because it costs so much per-month to play and to have fun in the game you sort of had to grind through all the levels and it was always grind---- get new level-----grind ----money for armor----buy armor ---repeat. It just bored me to death.
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And you can choose higher rate servers and level up faster and get to the point quickly <_<
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Dammit, satyphan, you just shat over all my hopes and dreams.
isn't 20 the level limit in guild wars? what to do afterwards?
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Dammit, satyphan, you just shat over all my hopes and dreams.
I log on a few times a month nowadays; I used to raid 3-4 nights a week before BC.

I'd say it's less fun now. Everything is balanced around arenas and "e-sports." The community is just generally pissed off all the time. Some of the new content was entertaining, but the novelty wears off quickly.
Why would you make this thread. All you're going to get is people flaming saying how WoW is totally ghey.

I'm not subscribed at the moment, but yeah I like it. Get's boring after you're subscribed for too many months in a row.
I tried the ten day trial version because my cousin wanted me to and I found it a terribly boring game.
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isn't 20 the level limit in guild wars? what to do afterwards?

The goal isn't to get max level, that happens naturally fairly quickly, it's the quests and player-interaction that makes it fun.
I just canceled my subscription yesterday. Just got bored and sick of leveling.
the fun sort of decreases when you hit 70 when everything you do revolves around getting better equipment to be better in pvp or to use in high end dungeons to get better equipment. It's a long tiring circle.
I still play

Yeah it's still pretty fun. Most people are like "ugh it gets boring" but Blizzard is thinking ahead for all the people like that and they're adding some major things in the patches instead of just waiting for the new expansion to come out
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play diablo 2...same company...no monthly fees, much more user friendly online interface, and a funner group of people to play with...and pvp with no rules

on the note of guild wars.. it used to be good but it sucks now, arenanet just got too involved in pvp.

...and play your guitar
I just started playing a few weeks ago, I enjoy it. But it is the first time I have ever played.
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I hurt my hand and can't play guitar so I've been bored to death. My buddy got me into the game and I love the **** out of it. I play on the Stormscale server and my character's name is Taveila.

Blood elves kick ass.
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