Hey Guys :P

So there is a guy that is selling "Gibson X-Plorer Studio" for 500bucks with case, i read on website that this model is only 90% of size from the original.... and it has mini-humbuckers, what are these mini-humbucers? if i want to change them, can i fit the original size ones in this model? thanks :P

P.S. do you know any other guitar models that look like Gibson Explorer or anything alike?
I didn't know Gibson made Studio versions of the explorer. I'd hate a smaller Explorer though... :/
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personally, i dont like the explorer neck, but if uve played it and like it, buy it.

and about the mini humbuckers, im not so sure. sorry

ESP/LTD makes other explorer shaped guitar, theyre actually pretty good
they go by the EX and FX model names
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a smaller explorer? blasphemy!
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is there any difference between the real thing and the studio version? what is this "studio" version made for? for studio recordings?

i want something something cheap.. if i had enought money i would pay 1200$ for the real thing...

i will be getting a ussed one i think.. .
studio versions are/were made for the 'budget musician'.
the gibson LP studio was made as a cheaper version than the standard.
it's meant to sund almost the same but at a cheaper price, which is why it has no inlays, binding etc etc.
play it and see if you like it, then buy it if you want it.
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Do you mean this???

I really like mine, great clean tone, especially with some thicker strings, the minihumbuckers have a good bit of bite to em but they could also use a bit more output. If you want to change them out for regular sized pickups then you would have to route the guitar some. The build quality is better than most studios. They're smaller, but IMO the perfect size. Very lightweight poplar body, feels more like an Ibanez with a large neck than a Gibson.

I really like mine. I payed $700 for it in the day. I do believe they're going to be very rare also, I dunno about the future demand though. They were only built for a year, and I dunno how many of them would be yellow, I would guess a very small amount. If you decide not to buy it for $500 lemme know, I'll definatly grab one while it lasts.
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Do you mean this???

wow that is teh sex
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