Well I want to make some inexpensive recordings, and I have an old tape deck from the early 1970s. I don't mind if there is a lack of quality, but I really am too ignorant to even know how to use one. So here are my questions:

I obviously need a microphone, correct?

There are two input jacks, looking like this:
( ) ( )

I assume that you would plug some sort of microphone into these, but I have no idea what cables to use. Can anybody help?
so they are 1/4 inputs not XLR inputs? 1/4 are just holes while XLR would have some little pin holes going on.
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Well is 1/4 inch like the stereo headphones input? There is a headphones input about the diameter of a pencil and two smaller input jacks to the right of it. I'm clueless but I imagine there is a cable that splits at the end to fit those two inputs, but maybe not.

Edit: No, its not XLR inputs for sure. Sorry I'm so clueless as to what to call these things.

Sorry the image is so small, but you can see it at the bottom:
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1/4" plugs are the type like a guitar cable
1/8" plugs are the type like on earbud headphones.

it looks like a small 8-track unit I had a while back...didnt work though.
Just get yourself a mic and if needed, an XLR - TRS adapter. You will need a dynamic mic. MF has a $20 mic pack with cable and stand, good for the money IMO.

just plug that mic in and you should be able to record to a tape.

BTW, mics are mono so you can plug two into this setup. For one, just plug into the Left input
Also, these are called phono plugs and jacks
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