I was looking at this tab


And it says Guitar 2 only during the chorus... soo should I just play during the chorus?? If the band doesn't have two guitarists then ok but a band I'm about to tryout for wants a second guitarist cus they need one andd it doesn't seem like alot to play that's all
learn guitar 1. if u show up to try out and play one riff you will make a fool of yourself
Three days grace does have 2 guitarists, Adam (singer) usually plays rhythm on songs that have 2 parts.

And if you watch the music video, you see he's not playing one, therefore, it's basically a 1 guitar song (unless they mess around with it live). So yeah, learn guitar 1

So are you going to be playing with the other guitarist or by yourself? And how come you have to play this song?
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Good for you

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