so today i was playing with my dual recto and i switched my bias setting from the regular 6l6 to el 34 now not knowing that my amp only came with 6l6's ( im really noob at tube amp knowladge) i changed the setting and fired her up. it was ok for a while then my amp went dead.......so my question is....am i ****ed? will i have to replace the tubes or get the whole heAD fixed? yes i am a retard
Does it still turn on?

Did you try switching it back to 6L6s to see if sound worked?

You most likely just have to change the tubes since the bias was wrong and probably burned up your power tubes really quick. Could be something more serious though.
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Hey man, my buddy did the exact same thing believe it or not! You just gotta replace those tubes, they were overheated trying to power el34s! Happens to the best of em
If it doesn't turn on at all then you might want to check the fuse. It's possible that is the only problem. If it's not just the fuse then yeah, new tubes should fix it.
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Probably a fuse....Mesa's are biased ice cold, and you shouldn't have burned up the tubes. However, 6L6s draw more voltage, so you probably tripped the fuse.

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