Okay so usually I stick to metal/rock guitar although I really like the jazzy mellow sound, and am always hearing things I like but im never sure who it is playing.
I prefer it to be instrumental but other than that, can anyone reccomend something similar to this kind of playing?

Youtube link!

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players who do chord/melody stuff like Joe Pass, Gene Bertoncini and similar guys would be a good start. Try pandora radio after that.
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^add Wes and Charlie Christian to that list.
Stanley Jordan, George Benson.
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Thanks alot, I'll check them all out.

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WTF is a scale any way.

For mellow jazz that is still super-interesting and listenable (you have to be careful differentiating mellow and smooth) Bill Evans is the king


also - Lenny Breau has a cult following, he was brilliant, but sometimes hard to find. Listen to this though:


Jim Hall is the king of taste on guitar. Learn from him.