Hi all,

I'm looking for a chorus pedal. Right now, I have a shortlist of three:
-EHX (Electro-Harmonix) Small Clone
-Line 6 ToneCore Space Chorus
-Boss CE-5

Where I am, I can get all three for about the same price each: ~£50. These are online shops, though, so trying them out is not really pactical. I've listened to sound clips on YouTube, and I really like all three, but I cannot decide on which one I want. My advantages are as follows:
-Small Clone: simple, iconic, good sound, EHX quality
-Space Chorus: loads of settings, versatile, tap tempo, ToneCore
-CE-5: classic design, simple

Disadvantages are:
-Small Clone: looks restrictive, big pedal for limited controls
-Space Chorus: complexity, reliability?
-CE-5: maybe too simple, too ordinary?

The sort of sound I'm going for is John Petrucci's chorus effect on Dream Theatre's Pull Me Under intro. Don't bother telling me I need a tube amp - I know, but I cannot hope to afford one until I pass uni!

My main guitar is an Ibanez S470, if it makes any difference; I'd be using the single-coil pickup for clean. My amp is a Laney HCM30R.

So, really, can someone help me narrow down the pedals? I'm tempted by the Space Chorus over the Small Clone because of its settings, but the Small Clone seems to have a better sound. Can anyone help?


Ibanez S470
Laney HCM30R
Digitech GNX3000
before my CE-5 broke down (for reasons completely unknown.. probably just a lemon) it was easily my favorite pedal. EVER.

i have yet to find a chorus as rich and colourful as the CE-5
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Small clone

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