just got back from ODOP (Ohio Day of Percussion), it was pretty cool. there was some ensemble of high school kids that played weird polyrhythmic african stuff on djembe and congas, and then they did stuff with steel drum and had a drumset. there were two percussion ensembles, and one was from Oberlin with Michael Rosen, so that was really cool. there was some asian dude from Detroit that talked about staying relaxed while playing, and at the end of his thing he played "Le Corps a Corps" by George Aperghis, and it was pretty cool. i almost laughed at the beginning, but then i thought it was cool. there was also this guy teaching four-mallet marimba playing, which was cool since my school's getting a marimba and my friend who went with me to ODOP is the only person who knows anything at all about playing like that. the other guy we saw was some tabla soloist, and the tabla was sweet. if you've never heard a tabla, there's a video below by the guy who came. it was only $5 to get in and my friend and i got some sweet door prizes, so it was pretty cool. just thought i'd share that with you guys, if anyone else is at all interested in percussion.

Jim Feist - tabla