where can you get completly accurate tabs for these guys? I have a few of their songs stuck in my head....it's driving me nuts but I can't find good tabs on the internet, so I can't learn 'em. I can't play by ear very well....I've been playing for just over a year, so am I really behind on that?
well there's a few tabs here on UG, but not much, as you mentioned.
however, in the info for their videos there is a link to a website where you can buy the guitar pro tabs for some of their songs. you get like 5 in each package or something.
and no, you're not behind at all. i've been playing for four years now and i just started tabbing songs by ear last year
GP costs $60 i think, its well worth it tho, really helps your progression as a guitarist and a song writer and means you can train your speed and learn hearder songs easier.