i have a (possibly stupid) question.

i like the sound of the orange ad30, but i also enjoy some pretty high gain stuff.

an ornage ad30 as you may or may not know has two sepearate channels with two seperate dual stage preamps, so each channel runs off it's own seperate pair of 12ax7's.

i was wondering what alterations would need to be made, to utilise all four 12ax7's in the 2nd channel for the preamp, thus creating one higher gain channel????

any useful hints would be appreciated.


ofcoarse i meant the AD30TCH (twin channel)
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ofcoarse i meant the AD30TCH (twin channel)
Of course. The AD30H is just a single channel amp.

My advice: Don't even think about it, unless you're an engineer.
This amp uses two channels. Each channel has two triodes in the preamp AND it's own phase inverter to drive the output section. The inputs to the two channels are paralleled. There is a relay system to shunt the signal on the channel that is not being used, and to select which of the two phase inverters is sending the signal to the output stage. There are 2 post-PI master volume controls, on for each phase inverter. Each of these volume controls are tandem potentiometers. There is one element for each half of it's phase inverter.

You maybe be lucky enough to find a Schematic for the AD30TCH. I seriously doubt you will be able to find a wiring diagram or printed board layout. That means you'll have to create your own layout from looking at the amp, and comparing that to the schematic. Then, and only then, would you be able to plan a complicated change like the one you're suggesting.

There is plenty of room for increasing gain on the dirty channel. You might want to try increasing the value of the plate resistors. Particularly for the first stage.

Good luck,
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