why is everything getting reported?
it's getting to be a serious pain in the ass that all the threads i want to go into are closed because some idiot had to report them for not liking it. and don't report this either, i want an answer to what specifically is spam in the pit, the place for all questions to our peers?
and no i didnt intend to come across as so whiny...

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i dont know but it is a bit annoying
Read the forum rules, you might get an idea.
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read the rules.

anything the mods deem as spam is spam.

don't like it? leave.
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it is very tempting to report this

but, i don't report threads because i'm of the opinion that people that report threads only do it because they think they will become mods
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Because everyone are little goodies and wannabe mods.

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Just for things not covered in other forums, or not too pointless.
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But yea, read the rules. Eventually the definition of spam ends up being whatever the mods consider it to be.
If you read the rules of the forum, you would actually understand why threads are being closed.
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