ots, c4c (leave a link, im not going piece hunting)

Close your eyes, and shed a tear
the man he speaks with golden ears,
His arsenic in breath sedates your fear.
He's lost this match, or so it appears

I sold my soul to God once,
Not once did a miracle occur,
I remember Having faith it will happen
then waiting, then hoping, until hope was obscure,

I sold my body to a peasant once,
Good price also, as corrupt as it may seem,
It fed my children, and my wife too,
though she doesn't live with us any longer

And yes, I have met the devil, spoken to him too,
he's not as bad as he seems, shameless none the least
happy with his life and the things that he breathes,
So i figured I'd just sell my Freedom, to his kind of breed.

One gold, for the truth, another for the faith,
one for my hopes (though most gone by then)
One piece for my Children, another for my wife (she'd find her place there by now)
And then here comes the boundaries,

But now, with the one thing I still have,
I wonders whats left of me.

blah, c4c.
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dude thats very cool. this first and second verses kinda touched me hahaha keep on writing good stuff and make sure you copywrite this.
keep it brutal
Awesome dude, u got skills. Very nice and meaningful
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Feedback much appreciated.

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i think this piece would be better served if you changed the title. the first time i read it, i didnt read the title, and i really liked not knowing what you had left to sell to the devil. it has much more of an impact when you don't know it's coming. otherwise, if you read it after reading the title, it doesnt seem as special. i don't want to say it sounded mundane, but it kind of did... just a thought.
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