I took my old First Act and it's turning into a Gorilla! Then I'm doing some changes to the electronics. Still won't sound good, but it'll look awesome! I was planning on going the ZZ Top White Fuzz:

But then I decided to go black because the guitar is black and it'll match the headstock.

Sorry the pics are kinda crappy.

Here is the guitar as it started out. Les Paul copy, killswitch mod ;D

Removing the bridge (I'm too cheap to buy new strings, I'll be using the same set lulz)

I like my action high lulz

Neck/bridge/pickgaurd removed

Rough template of the back/front
My giant piece of fuzzy black fabric ($10 )

All the hardware removed

Body sanded down a bit

Working on the fuzz on the side

Fuzz all over the sides/back
lol no I like it as low as possible. I was just unscrewing the bridge so I could remove my stuff without cutting the strings that I don't want to replace
normally you would take the strings off before removing the bridge.

i figured that would be more self explanitory
Here is some pictures of the finished project:
The "First Act Gorillaxe"

Got the frontside of the guitar covered

Neck and electronics are in!

Blurry pick witht he pickgaurd on

I actually did end up taking the strings off when I put the bridge and neck back on because screwing the bridge on while the strings were in turned out to be a bltch. I managed to keep the strings though XD

I still have to solder, but the outside is finished for the most part. Alot of the seams from the front to the side or the back to side are sloppy and you can tell where the edge of the fabric is, but I'm not too concerned. Too lazy :P
you could have just unwound them using the tuners, then put them back on when you were done.
Quote by schecters6
you could have just unwound them using the tuners, then put them back on when you were done.

Yeah the strings were already very loose, it was still a pain in the ass putting the bridge back in, so I just took them off, put the bridge on, and put the strings back on.