I haven't been on this site in a couple of months, mainly because I haven't written a full song in a while. This is one of my newer song that I just wrote not too long ago. It's definately not perfect. There's actually a few things in there that sounds kind of off to me (like the last chorus going into the outro), but I'm not quite sure how to make it smooth. I don't have any ideas left and I'd really, really appreciate your ideas.
Ocean of Storms.zip
Even though this type of music doesn't necessarily impact me that hard, I enjoyed your song.
The riffs are solid, and it had a nice groove the whole time.
The solo is hardly audible 134-135 and 140-142.
I definitely blew my load on 190 and 191.
Good job. 8.5/10 =)
That sounded great man, Great riff sounds really heavy and everything flows together really smooth, I'd love to hear it with vocals. I have to admit that the solo was actually the weakest part and agree with Carl6661 that the bridge was the best part!
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Nice one, kinda straight-forward, really good. I´d like to hear a lead guitar line over the Chorus, because there is no melody. I´d also like to hear vocals. Make sure you record this song! 8/10

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Thanks a lot for the crits.

I just want to point out something, cuz I forgot to mention it before.

People have been talking about the solo being hard to hear and it being weak and stuff, and to tell the truth, this one's not really meant to be heard. I guess I just feel kind of embarressed about this one because, I'm sorry to say it, but I can't play it.

I thought the song needed somthing fast and something with wammy bar, I don't have a wammy bar and I don't really do a lot of fast stuff, so I really just made it up at the computer. One day, when I get a wammy bar and when I get better, maybe I'll come back to this song and write some crazy solo, but for now, what I got there will have to work.

But thanks for everything, I really appreciate it.
Drums made this song sound good. The Intro is alright, Druring the intro you alrdy have your rhythm going on. So it sounds empty just only 1 guitar. Add a lead, Or some chords struming other than just rhythm hehe. Your prechorus was the only high light for me. Bridge is also a great part. Solo comes in and that dive is just awesome. 7-8/10 sounds great but you need a lead to keep the listener interested other wise its just a load of powerchords.
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it sounds amazing but my only complaint is it needs to have some lead part in the verses. other than that, amazing.

ooh, i like this, its a good chucky song, almost worthy of velvet revolver =D

tbh, i think the main riffs went on for a tad too long

solo's pretty good, but yea, should be louder, even though its not ment to be heard


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Meh. Standard mainstream 'metal' songs dont do much for me. This had a nice groove, and the main riff was ok. But the chorus was painfully slow (it didnt sound at all like a chorus. It was more like a buildup that's used once. Then not again.), and the verse was way too metalcore/stop starty.

The bridge was ok, if slightly generic, but the solo could have been better.

Sorry if I seem harsh, I just dont like the mainstream metal ****core scene.
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Thanks a lot for all your crits. I just want to say one thing...Why is it so hard for people to imagine vocals? Just because I didn't put them into guitar pro (because it's not possible) doesn't mean there isn't supposed to be vocals. There is no lead because the vocals are the lead.

I'm not angry or anything, I totally understand where everyone is coming from, I just want people to try to imagine some form of vocals in my songs.

I will think of a lead maybe. Maybe something simple that wouldn't take away from the vocals but would make it funner to listen to without the vocals. I don't know.

But thanks a lot for giving me your ideas. I really do appreciate it and I really will think on it. Thanks.
You could always try to write the vocal line and attach it to a clarinet or synth voice or something. That doesn't always work well, but hey, it something to do. It flows well, but the main riff is very generic, and the chorus doesn't really inspire. I like the prechorus, and the verses work fine for me considering there will be vocals on top of them. However, unless the chorus vocals are really good, this song is kind of forgettable. Its not bad, its good a good groove, but nothing really stands out or makes me want to listen to it again. Not trying to be mean, just constructive criticism.

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I didn't think I was going to like this when I first looked at it because those type of drop d riffs have been done so many times I wasn't expecting anything original but I liked the main riff, it was solid. I liked the rhythm in bars 18-21 as well because it goes nicely with the main riff. The chorus goes into the main riff very well. the sweep picking doesn't really fit into the solo IMO. But it seems like you just tried to squeeze a solo in for the sake of a solo.