I'm looking for good pickups, as fast 24 fret neck, and cheap. My amp is a spider 3 75 watt

Which Guitar?

from a friend for $370



for full price



for full price

1) please explain answer

2)please just tell me between those 3 and less theres one u feel strongly about for at or under 450

3) and please no get a new amp answers i really hate those lol

P.S I fixed the links they should work now
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Fix your links... please.
Check the way that you're making the links.
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You really would be better suited with a new amp.

However, go with the Damien FR from your friend, unless you change tunings a lot. In that case I'd go with the string- thru Damien, even if it has EMG Hz's..
Hate to break it to you, but you DO need a new amp. But if not, I'd go for the String-Through Schecter.
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Well, your links are messed up. However, I think that I found the guitar's you're talking about. I've personally never liked Schecters, partially because they are ugly to me. Honestly I haven't played one before, but I've heard good things about them. The Mustaine looks pretty good with the 5 star rating and Top Seller thing going on. Your budget sort of sucks though, so if I was you I'd wait a month or 2 and save up about 2-300 more dollars, if not more. Personally, I'm just starting to save up for a new guitar. My top contenders are:

1. Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul GX -$700
2. Epiphone Les Paul Ultra 2 - $700
3. Jackson DK2M - $600
4. Jackson DKMG - $750

So there are some suggestions for you.

Based on reputation, I'd say go with the Mustaine. If you don't, just get the full priced Schecter.

Hope that helps.

I have about 1200 i can put into a guitar but my parents wont let me spend all my money and im 14 sooooooooooo 450's my limit
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I have about 1200 i can put into a guitar but my parents wont let me spend all my money and im 14 sooooooooooo 450's my limit

Explain to your parents that you need a new amp as well.
I don't know about the Schecters, but i never trust a cheap Dean. Especially when its a cheap artist's sig.
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DON'T get the dean dave mustaine thingy it looks like crap an thats the most important thing!
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Ibanez Rg321 and sell your line 6 and use the rest of the money to get a new amp
Out the the 3 you listed, I would go with the Damien string-thru. Or you could get an amazing 7 string for 300 or less. Look for a Washburn WG587. It's truly a beautiful guitar with amazing playability.
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