So... I just got a new Peavey 6505 head and the standard Peavey 6505 Straight cab, and it sounds great. But the thing is... I thought it would be much louder... than it is now... I don't know if something is wrong with it or if I am doing something wrong, but It should be louder than my other guitarists 100 watt marshall correct? Considering its 120 watts TUBE. I mean... yeah, its pretty loud... but WTF?

I have the head set on 4 ohms... is that right? If it was on 8 ohms would it be louder? I'm not exactly an expert... explain this whole ohms deal to me. The tubes are somewhat old... but it still sounds alright and I don't think it would affect the volume. Can someone tell me whats going on?
You can run that head/cab together at 16ohms man. Try that; it should make a pretty big difference.

But honestly man, I'd return that cab if you can because its not nearly worth the $700. Get yourself something like a Basson or Vader 4x12.
When power tubes go they can decrease the volume a lot. Take a look at the tubes and see if any look broken.
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Well... I got both together for 800 bucks... But... are you sure switching it to 8 ohms will be safe? I don't want to blow the speakers... Isn't 16 ohms for full stacks?
If the cab is rated at 16 ohms(which it is, 16 ohms 300 watts) its fine to run it at that. If you do add another cab though, you'll have to change it.
Thanks a lot man... I will definitely give that a try... But if I added another cab (Which i wont) why would you want less ohms? Wouldn't you want it at 16 ohms so it would push as much power as possible to BOTH speakers??? Since your wattage would be cut in half?
There are many things that go into how loud an amp is. Its possible that his amp cab has speakers with a higher dB rating than yours. I'm guessing you should be using 8 ohms for the amp anyway. You want to run the amp closer to 16 ohms than you are now in order to make sure that there is a lower chance of the amp having transformer problems. Ohmage has very little to do with how loud the amp is, it is the sensitivity of the speakers.
Either your cabinet, a problem with the power tubes or you shouldnt have it at 4 ohms
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you want to match the impedance, if your cab is 16ohm, you want to use 16ohm on the head. A mismatch in either direction will decrease the power the amp is putting out, and stress either your tubes or the transformer. Always match the impedance if possible, that's the way they were designed to run.
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