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Hi everyone. Well my economic stimulus is slated to arrive Monday and I have decided to invest in my first real instrument. I play an old $200 acoustic. I bought a cheap one to test my interest level. I didn’t want a $700+ piece of wood collecting dust in the corner of my room.

I am interested in a straight acoustic. I was thinking Martin or Taylor. I have been playing for 3 years and have a few of my own ideas; if you will, but have no plan on taking the stage…I play as a hobby.

Any ideas on what I might like? If I have no idea what I want and walk into the guitar store, I fear I will be harassed or raped monetarily, depending on the employee…total dicks, but nothing any music store patron isn’t used to already

I am looking to spend upto $1000

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Musicians Friend has a lot of reviews and good deals on acoustics.
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Check out the Guild GAD series, Martin 15 series, and Alvarez Masterworks series to get started.
Ofcourse you are going to get the old play and buy what you like but around that range I liked the D-15 or either wood combination on the Custom D (you don't want to get the HPL back and side Martins), for Taylor's I believe the 210 and 214 are a bit cheaper than the Martin's but I like the Martin sound a bit better.
Martin makes great acoustics in your price range. I prefer their sound to Taylors.
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So long as you know to watch out for the lower end Maritn's and Taylor's. Stay away form anything with HPL used for the back and sides from Martin (The X series) and the lower Taylors (100 series are a no go IMO, 200 series, same deal, you can get better for the same price from other brands).

Breedlove is another brand to have a look at.