I spent alot of time working on this, but I don't like the title and may revise this later. check it out here http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/sigurdrings/music/ and crit 4 crit of course.
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rather enjoyed it man. I must say its not usually my style the whole sampling thing but you got it down nicely. Cool beat to just chill to, pretty trippy. The only thing that seems a bit wonky to me is the keyboard sometimes, it just seems like its a little off, but I really cant explain it better than that. Other than that, cool piece.
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Holy shit +1000 cool points for sampling watership down.

Anyway, I love the kind of warped sound you seem to have on all your tunes. I like the rhythm on this one, the watership down sample fits perfectly, though I think it may be played a bit too many times. This has a great feeling to it, sure. I was listening to it while watching the sun come up, 'twas nice. Keep it up!

And if you don't like the title, how about just "El-ahrairah"?

I've got a new improv up in my profile, tell me what you think if you've got the time. It's "death by groove".
dude that is awsome, i love the samples. in the middle area i think the rewind is kinda too much. i like it but its too abrupt imo. but i really like the style good job

crit me https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=846791
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Great sounding strings, nice melody, and that sampled voice works really well. That breakdown with I think violin sounds nicely warped, and I like the rewind. Like the other tunes you've got up, well listenable, and I can only imagine this being better with vocals, even though I love it as is, very well done and great ideas in the first place, keep going.
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