I have enough money for a MacBook right now (the cheapest one) but I'm wondering if I should save up and get a better MacBook, or save even more and get a Pro.

I'm not going to be using it for much. Browsing the net, listening to music, and I hope to get into some minor recording in the near future.
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If you don't plan to use it for much just get a Macbook. No point having more power if you won't use it.
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MacBook would be good for you. I'm on one right now.. I love it, upgrading to Leoppard this summer, so i'll see how it goes. But running Tiger with 512MB ram, it does pretty good.

MacBook Pro would just be a little bit of overkill. If you can find a MacBook with at least 1GB ram, then you're gonna be set. try for 2GB if possible, but 1 should work fine. then whatever harddrive you would want, for whatever THAT purpose would be...
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get a reg mac book
i have both pro and red, and an Imac G5
pro gets no use atall
the more powerfull, the longer itll last u, cuz applications just take up more and more space requireing more and more power, and unless u get external hard drives stuff kinda bulids up and u run out of space, but like jaijouta said no need for more power why get it
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Like already been posted,save up buy a better Macbook ,and it'll last longer.
I say get the mid-range macbook. The entry level one, to me, isn't that great value for money, mainly because for a couple hundred bucks more, you get double the hard drive space, and double the RAM. plus it has a super drive which means it can burn both CDs and DVDs instead of just CDs with a combo drive. I'm currently using the mid-range macbook. mainly because i wanted a top-end macbook, but they only come in black. the new macbooks all come with leopard as standard as well. good job choosing mac , they're great computers