I have two new songs that arent 100 percent complete but i would like to know what UG thinks of them. they are on my profile, "be Free" "Rock Agression" these are still in the beginning stages i still want to know what you guys think
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I liked it for the most part, very minimalistic which is always a good approach no matter what the musical styling. Only thing I could really say is that I agree with Aaron on Rock Aggression you need to turn up the backing track a bit. Keep playing man!
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You've got some good riffs and ideas floating around. A full bass and drum accompaniment would sound great with 'Rock Agression"

Were these songs recorded with a metronome? I felt the playing could have been a bit tighter and with more conviction in some places but i realize they are still in the beginning stages.

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Be free is quite nice, solid enough guitar playing. Good job having only been playing a year, your definitely on the right track, keep with it.
Rock agression's intro progression based on Metallica's Welcome Home(Sanitarium) I'm guessing, the riffs are quite good, for the most part well executed, some fluffs, but over all a good beginning.
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