Hey, so right now i'm trying to get my Epi G400 to work because the bridge pickup produces very low volume. But anyway I was just wondering can I just cut the positive(hot?) wire going from the volume to the tone pot, leave the ground wire connecting both pots and leave the capacitor out of the circuit. Will everything still work right in the hypothetical situation?
Yea thats disconnecting the tone pot and many do it. I know Iommi has done it with his stage guitars.
Ok, and another question. If I measure from the middle terminal of the volume pot to the back of the pot with the knob turn full up, and the pu's/everything connected should I get a resistance reading of the pu's value? Because for my neck pu, which works, i get like 10 kohms .
But for my bridge pu which has low volume and isn't really working, I get a resistance value of almost 0 ohms, i'm guessing that volume pot is dead, so maybe i can use the other tone pot to replace it?
Alright so what i'm trying to do now is to wire the pu without any pots. Can anyone help with this? I think with the 3 way switch i can just put the black(hot) wire of the pu to the bridge terminal, and the green/braided ground wires to the ground position located opposite of the 3 terminals on the 3way switch. So any info on how to wire it this way would be great.