whats the difference, to my understanding they are similar but Im not sure yeah its a noob question, but Im new to effects, thanks guys
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delay is like an echo

Flanger makes a swoosh sound almost like a jet flying overhead
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Delay is basically an echo where as flanger is just a modulation with like a filter i think. I do no that it's just a modulation effect. Modulation just brings the pitch up and down at various speeds.
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It's for panning the signal.

Basically, you take two amps, and hook one into each input. You set the pedal to Gate (Pan), and the sound bounces from amp to amp.

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Here is the main difference between the two.
A delay repeats a section of audio multiple time at diminishing volumes. This causes an echo effect.
A flanger on the other hand takes the singal, copies it, and plays it over top with a very slight delay in time. This causes a wooshing effect, comparable to a phaser.

The reason that there are 2 jacks is because these pedals can produce a stereo effect (a slightly diffrent sound in each ear). Haveing 2 input jacks can preserve this from other pedals and output it though the other 2 jacks.
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