Honestly i have no knowledge about bass amps, so help me out guys.

Right now hes running his dad's old '74 fender musicman p-bass through a "Peavey TNT"

I believe its around 120 watts, its got the chrome bars on the sides of the grill, 1 speaker?, and very little eq controls.

We basically just jam with his dad and another friend.

He needs something powerful enough to match my amp, its 60 watt all tube, 1x12.

Hes very short on money though, and i know its alot to ask for, but he wouldnt care if its used.

Any idea of an amp brand new or used thats up to 500 bucks?
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Peavey Classic 50.

EDIT: Wow, all I read was the budget. Hah, the C50 isn't a bass amp..


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Get an ampeg.
Low range Ampegs (i. e. $500-ish) are eh at best. They're decent amps, but they're just not what you'd expect out of an Ampeg. The BA series hisses like hell too.

At this price I'd try to get a used Ashdown combo(halfstack maybe) or something.
I'm going to agree with Ashdown, they are really great amps if you're looking for a good sound on a budget. Tell him to take a look at the MAG series.
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