I have this amp that has been idle for a decade. I recently began playing guitar and tried using the amp... basically when the pre or post gain is raised to certain levels the noise cuts out, or when i change the mid/treb/bass to certain positions the noise cuts out. Is there any remedy? Im not an electrician in any right, but if there's a mechanical fix to this im sure i can handle it.
what amp is it?
How old is it?
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might be tubes if it has tubes
might be the pots, they get dirty, you could clean them or replace them.
might be old or burned fuses not likely though.

those are the the easy things to fix

unless it is a valuable old amp, it is not likely worth repairing if it an expensive venture to repair it, especially if you not nothing about electronics, but, i screw around with amps all the time just because it is distracting and fun for me. it turned 3 sh!ttty combo amps into amp heads so i can run them through better speakers.
Clean the pots out with contact cleaner. That will almost certainly fix it.
Sounds like pots. What kind of amp is it?

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Yep, sounds like the pots. But if it's an old (and good, as in valuable) amp, you should take it to a tech so he can check if any components need replacing.
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