I started playing recently and i have trouble fingering barre chords - i have to place my index finger high so i can put the others down without muting other lower strings but it simply feels too awkward and requires a lot of pressure.

Any suggestions? I read in the lessons section about flat-back necks; can anybody speak from experience on how this could help me.
that's a normal thing when you start playing, it took a lot to me to get used to them.
and well i cannot help you at all cuz i've never used those necks...
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wait what? how small are your hands? seriously? just keep practicing. there's no shortcut to get good at guitar.
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It'll come with time. When I first started, I definitely couldn't do a lot of the chording/stretches I do now. Your fingers/joints will loosen up soon enough.
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your hands physically stretch out a bit..somewhat like doing yoga..you become more flexable (but you cant suck your own **** playing guitar).
It comes with practice. And barre chords are always awkward the first time through.

But if it really worries you, buy a guitar with a smaller scale neck. I bought a student model Fender Mustang, and it's easier for me to play because of it's small neck and my small hands.