Well, I'm starting to get into cooking, and so I need a righteous soundtrack to make my cooking endeavours more intense. I want to her two lists; Super intense Lunch/Dinner Soundtrack, and Mellow Dessert soundtrack. The lists so far are as follows:

Aint talking bout love - Van Halen
Supernaut - Black Sabbath

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
November Rain - GNR
Beth - Kiss

Post up your suggestions! Together we can make THE definative soundtrack for cooking enthusiests everywhere.
KetchupLad: Good call, I don't want to get all depressed halfway through my blueberry cobbler.

DaveMN: I'll check some out. I only have a few unplugged songs, so I'll have to do some research.

St.Loony: You are not cool.
Mellow Dessert List
-Going to California (Zeppelin)
-Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave)
-Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)

Intense Dinner List
-Sleep Now In the Fire (Rage Against the Machine)
-Surfing With the Alien (Satriani)
-Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
-Level Live (Raconteurs)
I'd recommend Malmsteen, but the last time I did that I got too into the music and kicked a boiling pot of water off the stove.

Classic rock (Rush, old Genesis, ect) or maybe stuff like Eve 6 will work for you.
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For dinner, I'm thinking something more excited and energetic, maybe... some Dave Matthews Band or some lighter Chili Peppers. You don't really want to get heavier here, this is food you're making.

For dessert, I'm thinking something more laid back, to bring an end to the evening (depending on the situation.) Eric Clapton Unplugged would work well, or maybe some feel-good Jack Johnson.
Alright, here'a list I made up of some mellow stuff.

Unchained Melody
Yellow ledbetter
Going to California
Baby I love your way
Hangin on a limb
Harvest moon
Angel Eyes
Change the world
Doesn't remind me
For what it's worth
Running on faith

I need more intense dinner songs. So far I have:
Aint talking bout love
Surfing with the alien
highway star
Calling dr love

All suggestions are welcome!
Lunch/Dinner: Nile, Skeletonwitch, Black Dahlia

Dessert: Britney Spears...
Extispicy: Predicting The Future Though The Study Of Animal Entrails...
Alright, we'll try Dinner list again:
-Takin Care of Business (BTO)
-Cities on Flame With Rock & Roll (Blue Oyster Cult)
-Hysteria (Muse)
Tvangeste- Under the Raven's Black Wings
Behemoth- Slaves Shall Serve, Sculpting the Throne ov Seth
Nile- Lashed to the Slave Stick
Amon Amarth- The Pursuit of Vikings
Wintersun- Starchild
Symphony X- Inferno- Unleash the Fire
Shadows Fall- The Power of I and I
Blind Guadian- Mirror Mirror, The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
Ensiferum- Battle Song, Old Man, Hero In a Dream, Iron, Warrior's Quest

Kamelot- The Black Halo
Shadows Fall- A Fire In Babylon
Enseiferum- Victory Songs, Windrider
Behemoth- Conquer All
Nile- Annihilation of the Wicked
Beach Boys- Surfin' USA
Emperor- Witches Sabbath
Amon Amarth- Valhall Awaits Me
Blind Guardian- And Then There Was Silence

That list is serious btw.
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