Hello folks, I hope this question hasn't been asked a thousand times.. I tried the search bar. I'm not getting anything helpful.

I started to record pieces lately and I have been noticing they are very delayed.
I am running a mic straight into my computer and playing a rhythm track, I then play back the track and solo over it onto a 2nd a track. When I play both tracks together they are all off time, any ideas of how to get rid of the delay?

perhaps a better freeware recording program?
We used to have this problem, and we always had to cut about .2 of a second out of every track we recorded. but yesterday we downloaded audacity to the drummers laptop and it was fine, no tweaking needed, so I think it has been fixed for the newer version. Maybe just delete it and download the new one.
Thats such a pain in the ass to go through each track... is there any easier way of fixing it?
It doesn't sound like a problem with the software to me at all, it simply sounds like a latency issue. How are you recording the tracks ?
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I am running a mic straight into my computer and playing a rhythm track

Fridge, that should answer your question. I suggest getting a nicer soundcard like a Delta 44 that'll reduce latency and improve quality.
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Go with the PCI suggestion by Fast Fingers if you don't mid modding your computer. However, if you don't fancy doing that, a USB interface, even a cheap one, should help you out no end.
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