There's a video about that on this very website. Go check it out.
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He could either be touching the string on a harmonic node type thing. Or there's also harmonic tapping which is the samething basically, but you tap the actual fret where the harmonic you want is, let go, and there it is.
You can tap harmonic nodes and you'll get natural harmonics, I can only the twelfth usually though....
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Ok sry for no link and no clue how to do a one handed harmonic but the vid is easy to find on youtube its a vid of Steve Vai Joe Satriani and Ynwie Malmsteen performing on stage being the great guitarist that each of them are Steve pulls off some god like **** he shreds for a few seconds then out of nowhere strums a note then blows on the string to make a pinch harmonic then jus a few secs later he does the same harmonic but instead of blowing he licks the string. Now I want to know how to do that.