Up for sale / trade is a Ibanez RG 1570 w/ Dim. Evolution (b). Comes with whammy bar, and prestige molded case. Overall 8/10 cond. I couldnt find more then 1 hairline scratch on this anywere. Has 2 small dings 1 on headstock 1 where your left arm would rest. Missing backplate..never got it when i bought it. Paid $650 for it locally..had not even a month I've had 1570s before but I just dont want a Floating bridge or a super slim neck..will add cash for something diff. $500 local $550 shipped, $565 shipped and paypal'd. Looking for a Les Paul studio or a GOOD les paul copy..or maybe a Schecter..I dont know really! Up for any offers! Please excuse the spelling/grammer erorrs im so tired! will clean up tommorow if i get time. Pics are availible..sending me a PM would get a faster reply!!