Hello there.
I made this song yesterday combining different licks of arab sounding stuff and recordeding it. I really like arab music which i enjoy playing.
Here it is:


Im not sure if you cant post directly from a youtube video, if its not allowed please let me know and i can fix it.

Critics are welcome, and please show me some arabic middle eastern songs on guitar,, to learn new ideas and listen to them.

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thats crazy i will never be able to play that ever ever ever. thats a really great jam, i dont know if you made it up i feel like ive heard it before but it sounds awesome. its very atmospheric. it would sound cool with some percussion and maybe some harpsichord. for something absolutely totally different than your music check out my myspace (hahah)
Great piece, you use the bass strings in a very nice drony way, and your playing is very considered. No negative things I can think of, I think it sounds great, and your playing is clear and precise, good job.

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Thanks for watching.
I am very good for finger picking and playing on classical guitar. But right now im learning and electric for some months and im no where near my classical playing level, il get there one day.


Your songs are really nice, i like the way it progress and builds the piano riff one is very cool. One thing i can recommend and wont sound bad, is to change and colour the volume. some parts may sound better with softer volume and others with higher, its just a small variation, try it.
awesome dude! have you heard "enta omri" by um kelthuum (dunno if thats how you spell it) find it on youtube or something and listen to it. i think theres 2 versions guitar and non guitar so i dunno just look it up
You should think about writing music for movies and TV.. alot of diferent styles are needed and this stuff could fit well... I don't know if its a radio jam but get some good gear and start making samples - and make yourself a producer... good work