Alright, so I need everything there is to know about gypsy guitar. Scales, Progressions, Chords and any other useful information. Thanks chaps.
I believe the two finger man was named Django Reinhart, check him out on youtube. He's ****ing nuts, really fast too. His hand was burnt so he can only use it index and middle finger seperatly, while his other fingers are fused together and he uses them aswell.
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Its great stuff. Django Reinhart is indeed your man. I believe there is a new guitar world column that covers Gypsy Jazz. Check it out. Also, I find a minor progression (I can post a great if you'd like) works great, I use Aoelian with chromatics, and it sounds good.
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Rightyo, apreggios based off scales? Its a bit strange what your saying, beacuse arpeggios are often based off the scales, how do they decide what arpeggios to use than, or is it just that the music has a main scale, but often diverges out of it.

Arpeggios are based off chords? Gypsy Jazz isn't really diatonic, I can't really explain it. But all I know is that the players don't think in scales, they think in chords, arpeggios and substitutions. Listen to them play, you'll hear what I mean.
Chords aren't always built off a scale. There's all kinds of ridiculous chord progressions that don't fit into any scales.

Anyways, gypsy jazz has a tendency to be ridiculously ****ing fast, as demonstrated in this video. Bireli Lagrene's another good one, there's a couple Youtube vids of him floating around.