actually improvise their solos? I mean the ones that they do for their studio records. There are some awfully epic solos out there, and it kind of makes you think whose writing theirs and who is really improvising...

I know it isn't a huge deal, it really comes down to weather it's enjoyable to listen to or not because it's music, but i was just wondering.
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Zakk Wylde claims he does, though I hesitate to believe him.

I refuse to believe that...
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I know ome songs were totally spurr of the monet and a lot of players improv live...like slash...his solos are very rarely note for note...and a studio example is Andy Summers on Every Breath You Take. Apparenty he walked in, and started recording before he even heard the song, and that was that.
John Frusciante does.
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Most guitarists write up their solos prior to their recording. Either that, or they've improvised it so many times that they just follow a generic structure.
hendrix, frusciante, slash, srv? also most blues players obviously and well... me, heck i improv just about everytime i solo whether it is my own solo or a cover i rarely play note for note, where is the individualism in that?
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Tony Iommi often does.

Probably something to do with his solo recording method, record 10 and pick the best one.
i know Satriani improvs all the solos for his records

John Petrucci does whenever he feels like it, or randomly plays a simpsons tune in live concerts

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Common misconception. He's usually out of tune or just screwing it up.

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Any jazz musician.

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Gilmour wrote Comfortably Numbs' Solo.

yeah he wrote all of his solos...he would write 3 solos, then pikc the best one out of the 3, or blend them all into 1.
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yeah he wrote all of his solos...he would write 3 solos, then pikc the best one out of the 3, or blend them all into 1.

For some Epic win.
James Hetfield improvises solos on songs he demos and a lot of the Black album's solos were improvised and practiced again later by Kirk Hammet.
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I do think there is an art and talent to improvised solos, but even those have general guide lines. Like how it starts is always the same but it goes into something random...

ALTHOUGH!!! With improvised solos, there is less you can do. The duel harmonized guitars are less possible when it is made up on the spot, and some studio solos are simply amazing.. Even if they are the same every time, doesn't mean they are not good and it didn't take talent to write.
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yeah he wrote all of his solos...he would write 3 solos, then pikc the best one out of the 3, or blend them all into 1.

and in doing so, he would end up with a total of three, count them THREE notes played.