Okay so first off I like to record directly into my computer. I don't quite understand what an interface is, however I am getting ****ty quality recording straight into my pc. Will the interface up the sound quality? also what else do I need to record with an interface? I already have a ****ty logitech mic.
An interface is like a souncard (well it is one) but for recording. The interface will give you better quality, but to take full adavantage of it you should get decent mic too.

You don't really need anything special to go with an interface, you can just plug a mic or guitar into it and use it with whatever software you have.
The only thing you need with an interface is an appropriate connection, usually USB or Firewire. A soundcard is essentially an internal interface.
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To add to the above posts,
The choice between USB and firewire is all yours however there are some guidelines I like to follow when looking between them all.

IF you are only going to record two inputs or two mics at one time and never any more than that, go with a USB unit, chances are you shold not need anymore than that.

If you want to record more than 2 sources at one time, go with firewire as a USB interface will mix everything down to a stereo track making editing impossible.

now theres USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. If your interface doesn't mention the 2.0 part 99% of the time it's an older 1.1 connection, they would want to say its 2.0 if it was.
The thing about 1.1 USB is it's really slow, it can work for some people but 2.0 is by far much better IMO as its got the fastest transfer time giving low latency monitoring.

Drivers - if you are running vista be sure the drivers are out and working well for your interface BEFORE buying. I had a UX1 toneport for a while with vista and had to sell it as it was crashing every day due to the drivers. and I wasn't the only one with that problem.

Research - before you buy, look up everything you can about the interface and make sure it will work with your computer.

Direct recording means you wont be using an amp so you will either need an amp and FX unit like a POD or some software based modelers. Most of the software setups just don't sound too great and TBH, Gearbox was the one I didn't like much.
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