This is the first song I've actually recorded using my amp and a mic, so I'm curious to see how it sounds through everyone's speakers. I recorded a Mesa Dual Rectifier through an SM57, and didn't find it necessary to do any post EQ'ing.

As for the song, I'm playing with structuring a bit, and trying to make something a bit heavier than I normally write

"A Promise to Return"

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That was amazing.
Sounds like something I would do xD
It was heavy man. Mad riffs, nice leads. perfect in my view.
Keep it up \M/
The gear.
Schecter S1 Diamond series.
Randall G3 200W
Dunlop cry-baby wah (finally)
Line 6 spider III 15x (Small but deadly)
****ing amazing! Sounds like Children of Bodom before they got crap! Your riffs made me wanna move. It wasn't even as much about technical skill and speed, just about kinda like picking a good melodic line and seeing it through to its potential. Best myspace music i've heard in a long time.
thanks alot guys i have a few ideas for bits i wanna modify to vary the song a bit more so that its not so much the same key for so long! :P at the moment im actually rerecording all my other songs in the same tuning, and with the same setup as in this track to make them a tad heavier, so check back in a few weeks