Hey, i have recently taped me playing some guitar, and i wanna upload it onto youtube. I write in all of the stuff, then go and click my video, it says uploading, but it's not because the circle thing doesn't move showing no progress in the upload. It just sits there all day doing nothing.

My video is only 5:46 Mins, and it's 75meg. it is a quick time.

How can i get it to upload!?
tried that, i converted it to mpeg, still didn't work. Plus, it shouldn't matter anyway, it's supposed to upload and then convert, thats youtubes job.

EDIT: What do you mean above my upload limit? sorry i'm not good with computers
no, i uploaded a video that was 80mb once, there isnt any limit.

it took about 2 hours i think but i had to go out so i just left it to upload.

it was an mpeg

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Does the circle thing spin around on yours?

EDIT: How do i check my max, and how do i raise it?
hahaha no i dont think it is then lol .....

it also says it only accept videos in these formats

.AVI, .MOV, .WMV, and .MPG file formats.

check it here http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=57924&topic=10525
Don't do AVI, you should go for MPEG-4. Also, try be patient. I dunno how long you've waited, but when I was uploading my video, it took like 15 mins for something that was only a few MB big. When you put it on as MPEG-4, there will or should be no synchronization problems.
Somehow it uploaded, and i don't know how, my computer is confusing.

Anyway, it says it's live but i can't find it, whats going on?
Ask Pruane2Forever.
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