Hi guys. I hope this in the right place. If not, apologies.
I'm in a predicament at the moment. Recently, i worked out this rather interesting Chrod Progression, but my problem is that it sounds really like a song thats out there already. I just can't work out which song though. It's not really important, it's just for my piece of mind as it's bugging me, ya know?


The chords are Am, C, G and F and there is a sort of G pedal note (?) played on the high e evry so often.

Play it through, it's quite slow i'd say roughly 80-90 bpm.

Any suggestions whatsoever are welcome. Its definitely a 'sad' song.


Tom (db)
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You tabbed out C wrong. Aside from that you might want to stray away from the repeated G pedal tone.
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Oh did i? Oops.

Ok thanks for the suggestion. Ill bear that in mind.

I assume that means you have no idea what song it sounds like? Ok

thanks, but i really need the song lol.