so, i put a backup of all my songs on the computer from my mp3 player

and all those songs are on windows media player

so, ive got two of each song on WMP cos i was an idiot and said that WMP should find all the songs on the computer

and i want to get rid of them, but when i get rid of the backup files, the songs are still there on WMP

how do i get rid of them?

thanking you in advance
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Your first problem is using WMP. Winamp > WMP!
For those who care.
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Your first problem is using WMP. Winamp > WMP!

winamp is horrible to use
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winamp is horrible to use

Finally, someone else who thinks Winamp is horrible.

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are you using wmp11 or an earlier version? cos the earlier ones are nasty but wmp11 is my current favourite music/media player thing. It should monitor what folders you tell it to and get rid of stuff it cant find anymore.