Well, i've never been the basketball person, until this year. I've started to learn basketball and really got into it.

I can shoot hoops fairly well, play defense alright-ish, but my trouble is getting past people, or play an offensive position, even in a 1 on 1 game. So is there any tips/tricks and effective basketball moves to just well... trick the defenders and get past them?

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On topic, you ever tried the old "through the legs bounce" trick?

Try youtubing and stuff for tricks and methods.
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practise dribbling, particularly crossovers.
pivot moves can be handy
also hopefully ur offensive system will help u get free on offense sometimes
if ur big enough, post moves are always useful (drop step etc)
If your talkin bout transition, then you just need to be able to run faster, harder, and longer than the other guy, otherwise, crossovers re gereally the way to go, through the legs, or behind your back (with practice....lots of it).

If your posting up, the drop step is by far the most effective thing you can do, if you can pull a fake first (and sell it) it works a dream. Then youll need to work your reverse just in case. but get fit man, the only way to win is be able to last the longest playing your best...and scoring. But seriously, use your team, its not all about how fast you can run with the ball thats why its a team sport, passing transitions are MUCH faster and more effective. So is swinging the ball, get some movement, and you dont need any fancy tricks...but get fit anyway. peace.
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in a team situation always post up, it's a sure fire way to score 12-16 points a game.

in one on one go through em, just show em your the bigger man.

this works for me cuz i'm big, for you small guys you better practice your dribbling.
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