Ok ive been wondering for ages what the hell this progressive rock thing is but never bothered to ask any one anyway.

what confuses me is that bands like tool, muse, cog, sp and they're all completely different!
ive heard people say that prog isn't like a genre its bands who try to be unique to anything else (Tool! lol). maybe its just a genre that some lazy journalist came up with cause he was to lazy trying to figure out what genre they fit into....

please help me or i wont be able to sleep tonight.....
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Opeh is a Progressive Death Metal band. Progressive is like clean vocals and clean guitar but also dist. guitars and possibly growly vocals in the same song. and has time signature and key changes within the song. So ya Progressive rules!

Edit: Fixed :P:P
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Search wikipedia. There is a nice article there.

Music genres are often hard to define. I'd put it this way: When you hear a band you could categorize their genre, though you'd have some hard time describing what made you put that band in this specific genre.

The sentence above doesn't quite make sense.. :X

Take grunge for a similar example: what have Nirvana and Pearl Jam in common? (except their both good bands)