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Ok I'm shopping around for a used mim strat, will be the first guitar I own (I've been borrowing a friends Rickenbacker). Right now I have 3 choices on the table, outlined below.

Choice 1: MIM Strat 1996 and Soft Case* - $200

Looks pretty worn. The gloss on the back of the neck has been sanded off by a previous owner.

-Seymour Duncan Bridge Pick-Up (not sure of exact pick-up model, see pics)
-Dimarzio Neck Pick-Up (not sure of exact pick-up model, see pics)
-Sperzel locking tuners


Choice 2: MIM Strat 1996 and Hardshell case* - $175

A few dings and a small chip in the head stock.

-Seymour Duncan Phat-Cat P-90 Bridge Pick-Up


Choice 3: MIM Strat Purchased 3 months ago and Soft Case* - $250

Like New


None needed all standard stuff.

*Forgot to include the cases, not sure how much they matter.
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wasn't that the time where fender were taken over from someone, there intruments wen't down in quality during the 90's?

if that is the case i would go for the third
Get eh secind and out a real pick-up (humbucker) in it! like a setmour Duncam Invader. But thats just me and metal.
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Dimarzio AND Seymour Duncan AND locking tuners? Go choice A. It rids you of the nasty mexi strat neck feel too.
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Its a close one, post your reasoning when you vote if possible.

Thanks everyone.
Quote by tomypg
Get eh secind and out a real pick-up (humbucker) in it! like a setmour Duncam Invader. But thats just me and metal.

you want to screw up a perfectly fine strat by putting a "setmour Duncam Invader" in it?

Oh, I see you just joined.

I say get the second, the one with the phat cat.
The other one has hotrails it looks like, which really aren't too good. They're alright, but not as good as a full humbucker (atleast to my ears).

Definitely go with the 2nd one.

The first one would also be a valid choice. You can always sand off the gloss on the back of the neck later if you want.

Actually, now that I think of it, go with the second choice if you play lighter stuff like blues or classic stuff, and get choice one if you like the brootalz.
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Choice 1.
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I voted 2 by accident but I meant 1.
SD, Dimarzio, locking tuners AND a sanded-down neck? They took everything I dislike about the strat (Minus the pickups, those are ok but these custom ones are better) and fixed them.
Definitely number 1.
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I'd go for choice two.

It seems like an all round better deal, and the age doesn't seem to be a problem.
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I'd go for the second one, & sand the neck down myself. Hot rails don't work as well as a real humbucker, and locking tuners are over-rated. Plus you get a hard case with it.
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So if there was one accidental vote for Choice 2 then they are exactly tied at 11 votes each...

EDIT: ok Choice 2 winning by 1 now...
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They aren't tied anymore :P Number 2! Number 2! Number 2!

Srsly, the pickups on the 1st aren't the greatest things in the world, you'll wanna put the pickguard back on, hope that sticker didn't mess up the finish (unlikely), also, rosewood fretboardage might be preferred by you, it is ever so slightly darker souding. Hard case is of course a plus as well. 2nd is in pretty darn good shape as well.
Really? Its gonna be too close to call? Really? Thats how its gonna end?

...even 3 is now almost caught up...

I posted this hear because I can't decide, SO THE UG COMMUNITY NEEDS TO.

Thanks Everyone!
I'm a little skeptical about the one with the P90. If you look at the trem, there's no Fender logo on the saddles. That's a bit peculiar to me.
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He said he locked down the trem and if I wanted to use it I would need to set it up. Could that have something to do with it?
I'm a little skeptical about the one with the P90. If you look at the trem, there's no Fender logo on the saddles. That's a bit peculiar to me.

I noticed that as well.

Go for 3. The first two seem fishy to me. See how the Fender logo is all black? If that was an actual MIM Fender strat, it'd be silver.


From 94-96 Squier had a factory in Mexico that made strats/teles with that same exact headstock, except it had a small label of "Squier Series" printed on the end of the headstock ... which many people simply sanded off, put some clearcoat back on, and sold them as Fenders. The Squier ones had blacked out logos and the Serial number WILL match up with Fender dating. I'm not saying those are bad or that the dude is blatantly trying to scam you, but if you can get a newer Fender, and know it is one, I'd go for that.
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Thanks for the info,

Are you saying you know this isn't a MIM fender?


You just think its not?

I know the person I'm buying that one from is not the original owner. So he may not know the difference.
I'm saying I'm pretty sure the first two aren't legitimate Fenders. Once again, I bought one once (still have it and modding it to hell, haha) and the guy who sold it to me had no clue, and that's how I came to find out about the Mexican Squiers. A lot of the guys who have them now bought them after the Squier mark had been removed from the headstock and are honestly oblivious to it. They aren't bad, but they aren't what you should expect from a decent Fender, either.
i say No.3 because.........u always want a new one...and on a geetar u dont want complications.....so yer...good luck
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I'm caught between the first and the second choice. I think the second just because it has less permanent damage done to it, but if you're not a fan of the MIM necks then go for the first.
Dude, whoever has #1 thought it was worth it to seriously upgrade it. I highly doubt it's a piece of junk. Just take off that dumb sticker, slap on a white pickguard, beat the **** out if and call yourself the metal eric clapton.
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A little background, the guy who owns 1 works at a music store. They got it in marked it at $320 I think but then he prolly got a discount on it. That was 4-5 months ago but he never ended up learning guitar so.