Randall RX50D, what do you guys reckon?


Huge sound in a smaller package is the best way to describe the newly expanded RX Series. Randall's mission to deliver a more affordable amp line that achieves the tone of much larger combos and stacks has developed into quite a powerhouse. The RX tone circuits are designed to achieve the modern Randall tone which delivers plenty of tight lows as well as enough top end sizzle to satisfy any metal monster. The result is an overwhelming sound that will redefine the modern practice amp.

50 watts


12 in. Randall Jaguar speaker

Overdrive channel with voicing and contour control

Clean channel

16-digital effects with level control

Dual 3-band EQs

2-button footswitch included
I can't really say from experience but i've heard alot of good things about Randall Amps.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Buy it. Randalls are pure ass kicking metal in your face goodness.!
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