I bought a couple of sets 9-42 they are great strings. Only problem I had with them was the B string on both sets had a little rust on them, probilly too much time sitting on the shelf at the store
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These strings are the only ones I can find that are available in gauges 9-50

Does anyone know any brands that have strings available in that gauge? thanks

I bought those very strings and gauge the other day for the reason that they are the only brand that do that gauge. luckily dr make great strings. the high voltage are quite bright and i would prefer if dr did them in the tite-fit range but nevermind.

9-50 and 10-48 are two gauges i like but hardly anyone does them and i have no idea why
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What is the difference between a regular set and these?

Just curious

The guages are a bit wierd, I would imagine to suit Dimebag's range of tunings. Apart from that not a lot.
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I put some Dr Dimebag 9-50 strings on my guitar today and they are pretty terrible. they sound rough and mushy and the coated strings feel just wrong. they are on the bright side and i can see them lasting a while but i won't be giving them the chance to find out, they are coming off tomorrow.

these are a million miles behind the great feel and tone of rotosounds which i usually use.
try to GHS progressive mustaines 9-52
i tried the hi voltage strings and took them off my guitar the next day ... crap
I can't find the Jeff Healey one's anymore, those are great strings. Never tried the Dimebag's though.